your children in public spaces…

– Not everyone is in love with your moppet(s).  Just because I have one too doesn’t mean you and I are at all alike.  Especially when the world,  and all of it’s inhabitants, and all creatures big and small are required to run on your clock, enduring your parenting style or lack thereof.  Impose yourself and your brood in this way and I might use you and yours as a benchmark to teach my offspring the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

So I guess there is something in it for me after all,  other than being annoyed enough to spit tacks.

Forget that “village raising a child” mentality -unless you can accept that we are from different villages and when forced to be in your village, I will be the cranky- old-bitch-elder-that teaches your children and you a lesson you’ll neither enjoy nor expect in line at the grocery store. Nepotism entitlement at it’s best, and I’m a captive audience. I guess I could go to the less granola, less alternative grocery-cum-coffee shoppe. But then where would I get my Roland Grilled Roman Artichoke Hearts?

I am not talking about a kid having a meltdown – like they all do. Matter of fact, I was completely unapologetic when that did happen with my kiddo (past tense because my boy is 11 now and no kid should be having a meltdown past the age of 5 without a medical situation). The last thing you need to do as a parent is let your varmint know that they can embarrass you. Fuck that! Game over if that’s an issue for ya.

To be clear though, I am also not the biddy that will give you dirty looks if your baby is crying on an airplane.  I give the people giving the dirty looks in the crying baby’s general direction, dirty looks! Those adults having a fit over an infant are guilty of grown-up meltdowns, the result of over indulgence as children themselves. I mean who can’t understand a baby crying on a plane? Get over yourself.

No. I am talking “subtleties” here.  Just because you send your child to a Waldorf inspired situation, doesn’t mean I should have to wait and wait and finally walk around them simply because they’ve decided to explore some practical life activities right in the middle of Aisle One.  On the floor. Of the store. For like 10 minutes.

And all I wanted was a Pepsi!


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